Mr. K Srinivasan

Founder, Kesari Infrabuild Pvt Ltd.

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About the speaker

Mr. K Srinivasan is the founder and promoter of KIPL. A Post Graduate in management, he pioneered the business by undertaking projects in piping, water resource management. Along his entrepreneurial journey, he acquired the hydraulic and environmental engineering expertise by working along with leading companies in India and in Turkey in this sector. Under his leadership, the organization went on to grow from strength to strength, diversifying into Water and Waste water treatment, Environmental consultancy and Solid waste management. Currently the organization has a wide project base Pan India servicing Government, Semi Government and Private sector undertakings and is evolving into becoming the lead innovator across each of its verticals. Mr Srinivasan is an active member of the Green Building community. He is also an active member of IWWA.

Topic of delivery : “HRCM a technology for Water Treatment, Recycle and Reuse.”


The High Reactivity Carbon Mixture (HRCM) is a homogenous carbon mass consisting of graphenes being flat elements of the graphite structure, graphite packets as well as products of their chaotic coupling, which are bonded by Van-der-Vaals forces.
HRCM is an ecologically pure substance containing carbon nanostructures having a vast specific surface (about 2,000 m² per 1 g of substance). Due to this fact, HRCM when wetted generates a mass having a high hydraulic resistance, which is much higher than, say, that with activated charcoal. In this mass, as in a very tightly weaved net, even the finest suspended materials get “tangled.” It means that the mass of HRCM with a thickness of several centimeters works not only as a sorbent retaining impurity by means of non-saturated interatomic carbon bonds, but also as a filter purely mechanically retaining even tiniest impurity and suspended materials. HRCM filter operates similar to membrane household filters but much better! The thing is that membranes retain impurity only by a plane or several planes and HRCM retains them by volume.
HRCM both as a sorbent and as a filter surpasses everything being known worldwide in the sphere of water treatment and recycle and reuse.